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Ames Soccer Club - Emergency Action Plan (2023/24 Seasons)


Venue: Hunziker Youth Sports Complex, 500 Billy Sunday Road.

Main Entrance:  Billy Sunday Road, road between the US Army Reserve and Ames Animal Shelter.

Field Map:

Emergency Communication - 911 

Location of AED: Complex does NOT have an AED.

Hospital: Mary Greeley Medical Center, 1111 Duff Avenue, Ames, IA 50010. Phone (515) 239-2011. Major intersections are 13th Street and Duff Avenue.

Support Personnel – Assume there are none on site.

EMS (911) Guidelines

When dialing 911 please have the following information available to give the dispatcher:

  • Address – Hunziker Youth Sports Complex, Billy Sunday Road, Ames.

  • Location of player. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE!

  • Location of where the ambulance will be met by a designated person to aid with directions.

  • Caller's name and phone number.

  • A designated person to meet the ambulance. 

  • As much information about player as possible:

    • Name

    • Gender

    • Age

    • Current medical condition and mental status

    • Medical history, if available

    • Allergies to medications, if available

Example Script: “My name is ____________ and I have a player in need of immediate medical attention at ______________. The player is a 16-year-old male suffering from ________. Please meet ____________ at the ________ (exact location) and they will help direct the ambulance to us.” 

Mass Attacks

In the very unexpected circumstance of a Mass Attack (active shooter, suspicious package, or other weapons), take the following steps:

  • Stay Alert. Always be aware of your environment and any possible dangers.

  • If you see something, say something to Coaches/Ames Soccer Club Staff. This includes suspicious packages, people behaving strangely, or someone using strange communications.

  • Observe warning signs. Signs might include unusual or violent communications, expressed anger, or intent to cause harm and substance abuse. 

  • Call EMS (911).

  • Remain calm, follow law enforcement’s instructions, if they are present, and evacuate in the direction they tell you to.

  • Coaches/Ames Soccer Club staff should notify parents – ASAP and when safe to do so – and Ames Soccer Club Executive Director, Gary Eyles, who will assist in providing parent updates.

    • 515-360-5117


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